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Bradford Bulls Winding Up Petition “Incorrectly” Lodged By HMRC

October 30 2015

Bradford Bulls have rejected claims that the clubs future is in doubt after being faced with a winding-up petition over an alleged unpaid tax bill. Bulls chairman Marc Green dismissed an HMRC winding-up petition issued against the club as having been “incorrectly lodged”.


HMRC Petition to be Heard in the High Court

A petition to wind up Bradford Bulls holding company, Bradford Bulls Northern Ltd, is scheduled to be heard at the High Court in London on November 30. Bosses at the rugby league club say their legal advisers have begun the process of having the notice removed.  Mr Green, Managing Director of Yorkshire-based security firm Safeguard Security Group, became involved with the Bulls two years ago when he loaned the club a six-figure sum.

Mr Green reportedly had this to say:

“It is our understanding the petition has been incorrectly lodged against the company. Our solicitors are now dealing with this and we expect to see the matter resolved – and the winding-up petition removed imminently.”

Winding-up Petition Solicitors

If you have received a winding up petition our legal experts are able to provide legal advice and representation. Our team of solicitors and barristers can obtain a court adjournment; CVA’s or successfully challenge the validity of the winding up petition to ensure that the petition is dismissed, often without public advertisement.

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