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Companies Court Winding Up List 15.02.16

February 12 2016

The following list is subject to change until 4:30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representative.


Companies Court Crest England Wales


Court 5

2nd Floor

Rolls Building


Mr Registrar Jones

Monday 15 February 2016

 At 10:30 AM

2677/2015 Lee Doherty Contractors Limited
4638/2015 Wimbledon Operations Limited
4717/2015 Mason Brown Limited
4932/2015 Thorney Bay Park Limited
5008/2015 VIP Management Services Limited
5848/2015 Safehands Support Ltd
5948/2015 Clinipower Limited
5982/2015 Kenchington Design Contracts Limited
5989/2015 Hoddesdon Carpet Centre Limited
6032/2015 The Nineteenth
6176/2015 Partridge and Hobbs
6193/2015 Graham Chapman Classic Car Hire Limited
6535/2015 CSolar Ltd
6600/2015 V10 Polymers Limited
6633/2015 Gloster Specialist Tools Limited
6693/2015 Havona Ltd
6716/2015 Muckleton Machinery Sales
6729/2015 A K Plumbing And Heating
6741/2015 S Young & Son Ltd
6743/2015 Colomby Group Maintenance Limited
6749/2015 Easy Call Property Services Limited
6769/2015 M D Farms Limited
CR-2015-008594 Regal Corporate Solutions Limited
CR-2015-008656 ECA Program Group PLC
CR-2015-008683 Thurston Smith Appointments Limited
CR-2015-008701 V.E.I. Limited
CR-2015-008705 Ansel Perspective Limited
CR-2015-008715 Aditus Limited
CR-2015-008761 Humanitas Wellness Limited
CR-2015-008764 Saint Precision Engineering Limited
CR-2015-008796 Pentalink Limited
CR-2015-008799 Gelato Mio Ltd
CR-2015-008808 Hire Zone Yorkshire Ltd
CR-2015-008809 Fair Price (Newcastle) Cash & Carry Ltd
CR-2015-008917 Dovetail Tech Support Limited
CR-2015-008971 Mursals Properties Limited
CR-2015-009190 S S Brokers Limited
CR-2015-009198 Srihitha Education Limited
CR-2015-009240 SWRD Group Ltd
CR-2015-009242 Markmart Limited
CR-2015-009264 Parklang Developments Limited
CR-2015-009320 Developing Africa Limited
CR-2015-009433 Mumbai Exemplary Indian Cuisine Limited
CR-2015-009521 QS Services (UK) Limited
CR-2015-009568 365 Technical Plant Services Limited
CR-2015-009575 ATML Limited
CR-2015-009608 Riftalk Limited
CR-2015-009710 Cliff Road Developments Limited
CR-2015-009738 Fine Design Jewellers Ltd
CR-2015-009739 Oldham Rugby League Football Club (1997) Limited
CR-2015-009742 KF Group (Holdings) Limited
CR-2015-009743 Ultralite Roofing Services Limited
CR-2015-009745 Itrendz Limited
CR-2015-009749 Fletcher Kennedy Limited
CR-2015-009750 Symbol Developments Limited
CR-2015-009751 AshleyCarter Consultants Limited
CR-2015-009752 Deltacad Limited

Not Before 11am

CR-2015-009754 The Carpet Library Limited
CR-2015-009755 Adventus Care Limited
CR-2015-009756 Investments Solutions (UK) Limited
CR-2015-009757 Deli On The Hill (MH) Limited
CR-2015-009758 www.carnationrentals limited
CR-2015-009759 Accent On Training Limited
CR-2015-009760 North End Investments Limited
CR-2015-009761 Errington Enterprises Limited
CR-2015-009764 MPCINTL.COM Limited
CR-2015-009765 MKC Air Conditioning Ltd
CR-2015-009766 Spencer James Ltd
CR-2015-009767 MPM Logistics Ltd
CR-2015-009768 Aquila Independent Practices Limited
CR-2015-009771 Building Interior Solutions Limited
CR-2015-009773 New Generation Furniture Installation Limited
CR-2015-009774 Bury Football Club Company Limited (The)
CR-2015-009777 Lincmain Ltd
CR-2015-009779 One ERP Ltd
CR-2015-009781 LBI Retail Limited
CR-2015-009782 Lee Mount Healthcare Limited
CR-2015-009783 Some Of The Horses Ltd
CR-2015-009784 Southern Drinks Wholesale Limited

Ordinary Applications

7917/2014 Ying Industries Limited
6646/2015 Heddwch Limited

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