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Hereford United FC Face Another Supporting Creditor in Winding Up Petition

September 17 2014

Herefordshire Council is reported to be adding its name to the list of supporting creditors in respect of the winding-up petition calling for Hereford United to be wound up. Hereford United FC saw a petition to wind them up adjourned on the   Read More…

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Winding-up of Hereford United FC Adjourned (Again)

September 10 2014

Hereford United FC have been given an additional 42 days to pay off debts after a petition for a winding-up order was adjourned in the High Court. It was reported that the club reached a settlement with its main claimant, former manager   Read More…

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Hereford United’s Winding Up Order Adjourned Until 1 September

August 01 2014

On Monday 28 July 2014, the Companies Court heard the petition of Hereford United FC which was adjourned again.  It was reported that Registrar Jones adjourned the case until 1 September, after he was told that the club is exploring proposals for   Read More…

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HMRC Winding-up Petition against Hereford United FC Dismissed by Companies Court

June 17 2014

Football Club, Hereford United FC have the a compulsory winding-up order of the Companies Court on a Winding-up Petition issued by Her Majesty Revenue and Customs at the High Court, London. It was reported that yesterday morning, Hereford United FC faced another winding up petition,   Read More…

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