Birmingham City FC’s Owners Go Into Receivership

The parent company of Birmingham City Football Club has reportedly gone into receivership.

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BIHL Voluntarily go into Receivership

Birmingham International Holdings Limited (“BIHL”) reportedly announced that it had gone into receivership and had appointed three receivers from Ernst and Young. However, they reassured supporters and players that it had not began a winding-up petition and would continue to fulfil its fixtures in the Championship.

In a statement, BIHL said:

“BCFC naturally recognises the impact which this announcement may have on itself and how it may be interpreted by its supporters, staff, media and the wider domain.

The club therefore wishes to explain why the majority directors on the board of BIHL had deemed it necessary to take this voluntary but unusual course of action.”

Ernst and Young had this to say:

“The appointment allows the receivers to be able to manage the day-to-day activities of BIHL, take control of its finances, carry on the business of the company and take such steps as may be necessary for the purpose of preserving the future of … Birmingham City.”

Winding-up Petition Solicitors

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