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Bradford Bulls Reassure Supporters after HMRC Winding Up Petition

September 05 2013

OK Bulls Limited (which owns Bradford Bulls) was on the Companies Court winding up list this week but the club have stated that the winding up petition relates to a previous tax bill which has been paid. Bradford Bulls have reassured supporters that the club is in a “good financial position” following speculation that it was subject to a winding up petition from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Bradford Bulls Winding Up Petition HMRC Solicitors London

Bradford Bulls: Companies Court Winding Up Petition

The super league club were subject to a winding up petition by HMRC for unpaid taxes and there were concerns that the club will be liquidated. However, the club have moved fast to dismiss this by stating that the winding up petition relates to a previous tax bill which had since been paid in full. At the time of writing, the petition has not yet been advertised in the London Gazette.

A spokesman for Bradford Bulls stated the following:

“Further to the speculation surrounding the issue of a winding up petition issued by HMRC, I can confirm that this was the case due to an oversight. As soon as the club became aware of this debt, it was paid along with all costs due and, as it was dealt with at the time, it came as a complete surprise to see that the petition was left on file.”

Will Bradford Bulls avoid being Wound Up?

Bradford Bulls owner, Omar Khan, has admitted that the club had experienced financial difficulties but denied that the club was subject to a winding up petition. Nevertheless, the winding up petition comes one month after the club failed to pay its employees on time which is an indication that the club remains under financial constraints. The club’s reassurances seem to provide little comfort to supporters who have voiced concerns over it’s long term future.

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