Companies Court Winding Up List 07.03.16

The following list is subject to change until 4:30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representative.


Companies Court Crest England Wales


Court 17

2nd Floor

Rolls Building


Mr Registrar Jones

Monday 7 March 2016

 At 10:30am

1797/2015 Sound Nation Limited
5137/2015 Adventure Playgrounds Wales Limited
5523/2015 Sussed Limited
5953/2015 Red Route Limited
CR-2015-008564 Crafts Bargain Corner Limited
CR-2015-008618 Eyeline Construction Ltd
CR-2015-008647 Yorkshire Bottle Solutions Limited
CR-2015-008850 Rama Building Services Limited
CR-2015-008862 Legaldocs UK Limited
CR-2015-008871 Parkside Electrical Limited
CR-2015-008879 Philip Pope (Joiner) Limited
CR-2015-008890 ICN (UK) Limited
CR-2015-008933 Heritage Homecare Services Ltd
CR-2015-008958 Ana Khana Pina Limited
CR-2015-009028 Allen and Price Limited
CR-2015-009059 Chancery Autos Limited
CR-2015-009061 SM Transport Limited
CR-2015-009066 Global Games Online Limited
CR-2015-009067 CP Brickwork (NW) Ltd
CR-2015-009068 Platinum Protect Ltd
CR-2015-009075 Linclad Limited
CR-2015-009080 Benton Plant Limited
CR-2015-009085 The Woolly Limited
CR-2015-009087 Prism Commodities Ltd
CR-2015-009094 Tisserand Ltd
CR-2015-009098 Fre-Kah Consultancy Limited
CR-2015-009131 GCA Recruitment Limited
CR-2015-009132 Nansi Consulting Limited
CR-2015-009144 Haverwell Computer Services Ltd
CR-2015-009315 Bamboo Marketing Limited
CR-2015-009322 Bolton Wanderers Football & Athletic Company Limited (The)
CR-2015-009368 Mike Harrison Trading Limited
CR-2015-009395 Markovs Signature Limited
CR-2015-009410 Innovators In Law Ltd
CR-2015-009411 Outline Design Limited
CR-2015-009495 Damp Proofing & Timber Consultants Ltd
CR-2015-009633 Imagination Developments (London) Ltd
CR-2015-009638 Tassbrook Properties Limited
CR-2015-009641 Eyr Ltd
CR-2015-009659 Nelson Peter Ltd
CR-2015-009662 Teamvise Limited
CR-2015-009678 Mamdo Limited
CR-2015-009684 Broadway Project Services Limited
CR-2015-009694 RB Traders UK Limited
CR-2015-009696 Blenheim TV Films Limited
CR-2015-009699 Barb Surveys Limited
CR-2015-009702 Jag Wholesale Ltd
CR-2015-009704 All Investments Limited
CR-2015-009711 Humberside Recycling Solutions Limited
CR-2015-009718 Central Building Systems Ltd
CR-2015-009722 Armstrong Henry Limited
CR-2015-009724 M Cruise Ltd
CR-2015-009728 Prometrix Limited
CR-2015-009729 Fame Factory Spotlight Ltd
CR-2015-009731 NMC Building Services Design Limited
CR-2016-000002 Churchil Limited
CR-2016-000067 Claim on Time Ltd
CR-2016-000087 Millennium Kitchen Services Limited
CR-2016-000256 Atticrose Limited
CR-2016-000257 Bricesco Limited
CR-2016-000258 ARP Enforceent Services Limited
CR-2016-000259 Solland Interiors Limited
CR-2016-000273 Netdefinition Ltd
CR-2016-000274 Wedgewood Associates SES Limited
CR-2016-000275 Elysian Fuels 1 LLP
CR-2016-000276 Benbridge Project Management Limited
CR-2016-000277 Elysian Fuels 2 LLP
CR-2016-000278 Elysian Fuels 4 LLP
CR-2016-000279 Elysian Fuels 5 LLP

Not Before 11am

CR-2016-000280 Elysian Fuels 6 LLP
CR-2016-000281 The Elysian Fuels 7 LLP
CR-2016-000282 Elysian Fuels 8 LLP
CR-2016-000283 Elysian Fuels 9 LLP
CR-2016-000284 Elysian Fuels 10 LLP
CR-2016-000285 Elysian Fuels 11 LLP
CR-2016-000286 Elysian Fuels 12 LLP
CR-2016-000287 Elysian Fuels 14 LLP
CR-2016-000288 Elysian Fuels 17 LLP
CR-2016-000289 Elysian Fuels 18 LLP
CR-2016-000290 Elysian Fuels 19 LLP
CR-2016-000291 Elysian Fuels 20 LLP
CR-2016-000293 Danby Decor Limited
CR-2016-000294 Elysian Fuels 21 LLP
CR-2016-000295 Elysian Fuels 22 LLP
CR-2016-000296 Elysian Fuels 23 LLP
CR-2016-000297 One Minute To Midnight Ltd
CR-2016-000298 Elysian Fuels 25 LLP
CR-2016-000299 Elysian Fuels 26 LLP
CR-2016-000301 Elysian Fuels 27 LLP
CR-2016-000302 Elysian Fuels 28 LLP
CR-2016-000303 Elysian Fuels 32 LLP
CR-2016-000304 Elysian Fuels 33 LLP
CR-2016-000305 Arevaa Ltd
CR-2016-000307 Elysian Fuels 36 LLP
CR-2016-000310 AV Pictures Limited
CR-2016-000311 Cinescope Entertainment Limited
CR-2016-000313 Thames Ditton Health Limited
CR-2016-000325 Alere Care Limited
CR-2016-000327 Smarta Security Ltd
CR-2016-000332 Mobrick Management Services Limited
CR-2016-000334 Cardiff Window Systems Limited
CR-2016-000336 Stone Flame Limited
CR-2016-000337 AAA A1 Streamline Road Markings Limited
CR-2016-000338 The Bespoke Resources Group Limited
CR-2016-000339 Baker, Cannon & Co. Limited
CR-2016-000340 Punchcard Limited
CR-2016-000341 Globr Labs Limited
CR-2016-000342 Marine Solutions 2012 Limited
CR-2016-000343 Venise Limited
CR-2016-000344 Open Water Dredging UK Limited
CR-2016-000345 Mystical Tours Limited
CR-2016-000346 Ariort Limited
CR-2016-000347 Totalpost Services PLC
CR-2016-000348 Dovehurst Limited
CR-2016-000349 GEF Guarantee Equity UK Limited
CR-2016-000350 Brooklands Horse Power Ltd
CR-2016-000351 Margin (Group) Limited
CR-2016-000352 Nisis.Web Limited
CR-2016-000353 Elysian Fuels 31 LLP
CR-2016-000354 NPL Estates Ltd.
CR-2016-000358 Melanie Irving Limited
CR-2016-000360 Elysian Fuels 15 Llp
CR-2016-000361 Elysian Fuels 16 Llp
CR-2016-000363 HGSN Limited
CR-2016-000364 Ingelow Limited
CR-2016-000369 Superfresh Halal Limited
CR-2016-000372 Urban Base Recycling Limited
CR-2016-000373 Classiclean Limited
CR-2016-000374 One Stop Drop Limited
CR-2016-000375 BBP Bandenia PLC
CR-2016-000381 Smart Rendering Solutions Ltd
CR-2016-000383 Budget Suppliers Ltd
CR-2016-000384 Ranier Limited
CR-2016-000385 D’Zign UK Group Limited
CR-2016-000387 London Project Interiors Ltd
CR-2016-000388 Goldsolution Limited
CR-2016-000389 Bentley-Leek Properties (JV2) Ltd
CR-2016-000390 Wrekin Landscapes Ltd
CR-2016-000391 Friends Jewellers Ltd

Not before 11:30am

CR-2016-000393 Montecarlo House Limited
CR-2016-000394 ABN Building Services Limited
CR-2016-000395 Yes Telecom Limited
CR-2016-000398 Envirologica Limited
CR-2016-000399 Simply Construction Services Ltd
CR-2016-000400 EPG Lettings Limited
CR-2016-000401 Alternative Resource Consultancy Limited
CR-2016-000402 Central Construction (Nottm) Ltd
CR-2016-000403 Landmarks Consulting Ltd
CR-2016-000404 Reyniers & Co. Limited
CR-2016-000405 Carsco Construction Limited
CR-2016-000407 Safety Awareness Limited
CR-2016-000408 The E-Tail Group Limited
CR-2016-000409 Hygienic Coatings Limited
CR-2016-000410 Aurora Inns Limited
CR-2016-000411 Leeds Hair & Beauty World Ltd
CR-2016-000412 Illingworth Contracts Limited
CR-2016-000413 Pemberton Childcare Limited

Ordinary Applications

CR-2015-9409 Xyone Cyber Security Limited

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