Companies Court Winding Up List 08.02.16

The following list is subject to change until 4:30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representative.


Companies Court Crest England Wales


Court 16

2nd Floor

Rolls Building


Mr Registrar Briggs

Monday 8 February 2016

At 10:30 AM

In re a company

Elite Hire Limited

SS Catering Consultants Ltd

Traxx (Aggregates) Limited

Powerboat GP Limited

Harman Scaffolding Limited

Sussed Limited

Safehands Support Ltd

Goodmans Construction Limited

Quality Reactive Maintenance Ltd

Central Perk (Liverpool) Limited

Inspire Learning Partners Ltd.

Baygold Resources Limited

L A Haulage & Plant Hire Ltd

Upshot Design Sussex Limited

CR-2015-008637 Gaffey Developments Limited

CR-2015-008638 Capital Investment and Finance Ltd

CR-2015-008639 Jane Nelson & Associates Limited

CR-2015-008645 Classic Medicare (Suffolk) Limited

CR-2015-008656 ECA Program Group PLC

CR-2015-008678 Unity Properties Limited

CR-2015-008817 Steel Solutions (South Eastern) Limited

CR-2015-008883 Top Floor Marketing Limited

CR-2015-008894 Peninsula Business Systems Limited

CR-2015-008900 East Kent Homes Limited

CR-2015-008902 NRW Contracts Limited


CR-2015-008914 Kent Boilercare Limited

CR-2015-008924 APK Construction Services UK Ltd

CR-2015-008956 Can Associates Limited

CR-2015-009005 Reigo (UK) Limited

CR-2015-009071 Manor Wood Homes Limited

CR-2015-009079 Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) Limited

CR-2015-009099 Jem Contractors Ltd

CR-2015-009124 Barnes Upholstery Ltd

CR-2015-009134 Bavette Limited

CR-2015-009183 Kingsway Properties Limited

CR-2015-009201 William Dunphy Funeral Directors Ltd

CR-2015-009422 M.W. Allport Engineering Limited

CR-2015-009477 LGA Mechanical Services Limited

CR-2015-009480 Inspired Facades Ltd

CR-2015-009579 Sandsports (Derby) Limited

CR-2015-009625 Iconic Worldwide Events Limited

CR-2015-009634 Buddy Enterprises Limited

CR-2015-009640 Pisani Plc

CR-2015-009641 Eyr Ltd

CR-2015-009643 Selettra Holdings Limited

CR-2015-009646 Restruction Limited

CR-2015-009649 Nine Hospitality 2 Limited

CR-2015-009651 Kelly Bros Contractors Ltd

CR-2015-009653 OTB Concepts Limited

CR-2015-009654 Probiz Excellence Limited

CR-2015-009655 Buoyent Ltd

CR-2015-009657 The Underperformers Ltd

CR-2015-009658 Britania Education Limited

CR-2015-009659 Nelson Peter Ltd

CR-2015-009660 Dental World Limited

CR-2015-009661 Boomerang Stores UK Limited

CR-2015-009662 Teamvise Limited

CR-2015-009664 All Gates Brewery Limited

CR-2015-009665 WSB Investments Ltd

CR-2015-009667 Shelton Forestry Products Limited

CR-2015-009670 24/7 Solutions Ltd

CR-2015-009671 Oilsearch PLC

CR-2015-009672 Posh Pad Lettings Limited

CR-2015-009673 School Service Mini Bus Limited

CR-2015-009675 Manor Management Associates Limited

CR-2015-009677 ABC Welsh Limited

CR-2015-009678 Mamdo Limited

Not before 11am

CR-2015-009679 AJS Supplies Limited

CR-2015-009681 Wall Construction (Holdings) Limited

CR-2015-009684 Broadway Project Services Limited

CR-2015-009685 Card Bar Limited

CR-2015-009687 Peracto Capital Limited

CR-2015-009688 3G Evolution Limited

CR-2015-009689 Aardvark London Limited

CR-2015-009691 Business Networks Management Ltd

CR-2015-009692 Corby (Geddington Road) Hotel Limited

CR-2015-009693 Hairwise Limited

CR-2015-009694 RB Traders UK Limited

CR-2015-009695 Cfix Personnel Limited

CR-2015-009696 Blenheim TV Films Limited

CR-2015-009697 Fortdean Limited

CR-2015-009698 Sleekmade Property Company Limited

CR-2015-009699 Barb Surveys Limited

CR-2015-009700 Delta 1 UK Limited

CR-2015-009701 Team Bootcamp Limited

CR-2015-009702 Jag Wholesale Ltd

CR-2015-009704 All Investments Limited

CR-2015-009706 Gayana Ltd

CR-2015-009707 CMC Global Trading Ltd

CR-2015-009710 Cliff Road Developments Limited

CR-2015-009711 Humberside Recycling Solutions Limited

CR-2015-009713 Lions Transport Limited

CR-2015-009716 Select Security (Northwest) Limited

CR-2015-009717 TCD t/a Total Controlled Demolition Ltd

CR-2015-009718 Central Building Systems Ltd

CR-2015-009720 Bespoke Glass & Double Glazing Limited

CR-2015-009721 P L Design & Build Limited

CR-2015-009722 Armstrong Henry Limited

CR-2015-009724 M Cruise Ltd

CR-2015-009726 Blue Skies Advance Heating Solutions Ltd

CR-2015-009728 Prometrix Limited

CR-2015-009729 Fame Factory Spotlight Ltd

CR-2015-009731 NMC Building Services Design Limited

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