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Companies Court Winding Up List 11.04.16

April 08 2016

The following list is subject to change until 4:30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representative.


Companies Court Crest England Wales


Court 9

2nd Floor

Rolls Building


Mr Registrar Jones

Monday 11 April 2016

 At 10:30am

578/2015 Staplecross Joint Ventures Limited
1749/2015 Lavelle Contracting Limited
2108/2015 C.R. Vending & Electronics Limited
2677/2015 Lee Doherty Contractors Limited
4593/2015 Cascabel Developments Limited
5570/2015 Yorkbury Management Limited
5596/2015 R2 Capital Markets PLC
5953/2015 Red Route Limited
6032/2015 The Nineteeth
6199/2015 HT Personnel Ltd
6200/2015 Tudor Investments
6380/2015 Assured Office Solutions Limited
6514/2015 Trends Research Limited
6871/2015 C M S Construction Management Services Limited
6885/2015 Boadicea Holdings Limited
6936/2015 Forensic Software Limited
CR-2015-007623 Hillhammer Management Limited
CR-2015-008576 Broadgate Capital Partners Ltd
CR-2015-008645 Classic Medicare (Suffolk) Limited
CR-2015-008658 WSC Construction Limited
CR-2015-008684 Zebra Crossover Ltd
CR-2015-008707 Soho Networking Solutions Limited
CR-2015-008764 Saint Precision Engineering Limited
CR-2015-008785 Write Notes Limited
CR-2015-008808 Hire Zone Yorkshire Ltd
CR-2015-008820 Continental Private Hire Limited
CR-2015-008835 Valleyview Properties Limited
CR-2015-008850 Rama Building Services Limited
CR-2015-008862 Legaldocs UK Limited
CR-2015-008876 Tom Elmhirst Limited
CR-2015-008890 ICN (UK) Limited
CR-2015-008915 ABC Bridges Ltd
CR-2015-008939 MJM Consultancy Limited
CR-2015-008952 Nationwide Joinery Contractors Limited
CR-2015-009072 Ayngaran International (UK) Ltd
CR-2015-009079 Kitchen & Pantry (Notting Hill) Limited
CR-2015-009118 Canter Davies Construction
CR-2015-009127 Livedrive Limited
CR-2015-009130 Forrest Research Limited
CR-2015-009149 LNRP Limited
CR-2015-009194 In2ambition Limited
CR-2015-009208 Vogue Property Solutions Limited
CR-2015-009215 Bectech Limited
CR-2015-009342 Belmont Services (Southwest) Limited
CR-2015-009415 Hogarth Designs Ltd.
CR-2015-009468 Heritage Umbrella Ltd
CR-2015-009473 Shumi Dockside Limited
CR-2015-009487 Opes Industries Limited
CR-2015-009488 Argyle Estates Limited
CR-2015-009497 Advanced Structural Monitoring Limited
CR-2015-009654 Probiz Excellence Limited
CR-2015-009673 School Service Mini Bus Limited
CR-2015-009679 AJS Supplies Limited
CR-2015-009693 Hairwise Limited
CR-2015-009743 Ultralite Roofing Services Limited
CR-2015-009755 Adventus Care Limited
CR-2015-009765 MKC Air Conditioning Ltd
CR-2015-009766 Spencer James Ltd
CR-2016-000038 Perry Prowse (Insurance Consultants) Ltd.
CR-2016-000040 Inferno Plumbing & Heating Limited
CR-2016-000056 Connected Cars Finance and leasing Limited
CR-2016-000063 Brooke Racing Limited
CR-2016-000128 Imperial Decorators Ltd
CR-2016-000153 E Pearson (Removals) Limited
CR-2016-000156 Blenheim Capital Services Limited
CR-2016-000157 Enable UK (Midlands) Limited
CR-2016-000160 Quality Technology Systems Limited
CR-2016-000163 G V Bayley Containers Ltd
CR-2016-000167 Widge Limited
1070/2015 London and Regent Construction Limited

Not Before 11am

CR-2016-000171 Weatherguard HPM Limited
CR-2016-000173 Red Savannah Enterprises Limited
CR-2016-000200 Holding and Managment (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000232 Unity Community & Care Services Limited
CR-2016-000241 Ruacanamech Ltd
CR-2016-000337 AAA A1 Streamline Road Markings Limited
CR-2016-000364 Ingelow Limited
CR-2016-000400 EPG Lettings Limited
CR-2016-000401 Alternative Resource Consultancy Limited
CR-2016-000404 Reyniers & Co. Limited
CR-2016-000443 G.K. Aston & Sons Limited
CR-2016-000473 Door To Door Express Limited
CR-2016-000533 Lakenheath Hall Estates UK Limited
CR-2016-000593 Super Screed Ltd
CR-2016-000618 Water & Co Ltd
CR-2016-000644 BSL Realisations (2013) Limited
CR-2016-000672 Gapple Ltd
CR-2016-000684 JR Real Estate Limited
CR-2016-000694 Cardiff Building Solutions Ltd
CR-2016-000696 Crownstar Properties Ltd
CR-2016-000698 KFGH Limited
CR-2016-000701 Hartmews Limited
CR-2016-000702 Boston General Trading Limited
CR-2016-000703 Uniksource Logistics Ltd
CR-2016-000704 K John Limited
CR-2016-000705 Speedshift Limited
CR-2016-000706 Avadani Construction Ltd
CR-2016-000707 Aztec Cleaning Services Limited
CR-2016-000708 Dave Clark Enterprises Limited
CR-2016-000709 FGM Ratcliffe Limited
CR-2016-000710 SQP International Limited
CR-2016-000711 Universal Enterprises (EU) Limited
CR-2016-000712 Fuse Group Limited
CR-2016-000713 High Lane Haulage Limited
CR-2016-000714 Active Elevators Ltd
CR-2016-000715 Fulham Rock Limited
CR-2016-000717 D T Bars Limited
CR-2016-000718 Canorus Limited
CR-2016-000719 Aland CCY Limited
CR-2016-000720 Commercial Concepts Limited
CR-2016-000721 Irock Limited
CR-2016-000722 Franklin Windows Limited
CR-2016-000723 Orphee Limited
CR-2016-000724 HH Property 3 Ltd
CR-2016-000729 Western Log Energy LLP
CR-2016-000732 Let It Pea Ltd
CR-2016-000735 WRWF Ltd
CR-2016-000736 Featherstone Rovers Rugby League Football Club Limited
CR-2016-000737 442 Sports Marketing Limited
CR-2016-000738 Oliver Knights Property Management Limited
CR-2016-000739 Pack Properties Limited
CR-2016-000742 Snorkel International Holdings LLC
CR-2016-000744 Amplitudo Inflatio Limited
CR-2016-000747 Stevron Davis Limited
CR-2016-000748 Generic Business Names Ltd
CR-2016-000751 Positive Jam, Ltd
CR-2016-000752 Orange Blossom Retail LTD
CR-2016-000753 GP Machinery Limited
CR-2016-000754 Caverwood Limited
CR-2016-000755 Cart Enterprises Limited
CR-2016-000759 Brainbox Investment Limited
CR-2016-000764 JC Mackett Carpentry Contractors Limited
CR-2016-000765 Brenchley Civil Engineering Limited
CR-2016-000766 Dynamic Renovations Limited
CR-2016-000775 Coderscode Limited
CR-2016-000776 VMULondon Limited
CR-2016-000777 Eco Energy Sales LTD
CR-2016-000778 Intrachem Limited
CR-2016-000779 Katace Consultancy Limited
CR-2016-000780 MD Bricklaying Contractors Limited

Not Before 11:30am

CR-2016-000783 Omnipharm Limited
CR-2016-000788 Projects London developments Limited
CR-2016-000789 Carmand Ltd
CR-2016-000791 Challicom & Co Limited
CR-2016-000797 Mapleoak Construction Ltd
CR-2016-000798 RS6000 Consultancy Limited
CR-2016-000801 Goldthorn Property Services Limited
CR-2016-000803 Fenton & Bromley Developments Limited
CR-2016-000804 S J Moore Consulting Limited
CR-2016-000806 Sinclair Marketing Solutions Ltd
CR-2016-000807 Steelfixing Services Limited
CR-2016-000808 Mel’s Recruitment Ltd
CR-2016-000809 Scaffolding Access Services LTD
CR-2016-000810 Placebeech Limited
CR-2016-000811 Primax Law LTD
CR-2016-000812 Oxbow Data Services Limited
CR-2016-000813 Luxline Systems LTD
CR-2016-000814 Natoli Leisure Limited
CR-2016-000816 Geoid LTD
CR-2016-000817 Dudley Port Holdings Limited
CR-2016-000818 Economet Limited
CR-2016-000819 Oneteck (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000820 WFP Group Limited
CR-2016-000821 Entilely Commercial Tiling Limited
CR-2016-000822 E3 Sports Limited
CR-2016-000823 Cinevisions (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000824 Al-Amaan Export and Import Co. Ltd
CR-2016-000825 CFL South Ltd
CR-2016-000826 A P Mitchinson Limited
CR-2016-000827 Email Switchboard Ltd
CR-2016-000828 CR Hertfordshire Limited
CR-2016-000830 Staffordshire Civil Engineering Ltd
CR-2016-000831 Bethany Limited
CR-2016-000832 Saki Motors Ltd
CR-2016-000835 Calverley Tax Consultants LLP
CR-2016-000836 Scrap Metal London Limited
CR-2016-000837 Morlis Transport
CR-2016-000838 T.N.E Trade Limited
CR-2016-000839 IJB Contracts Ltd
CR-2016-000841 Economic Research and Advisory Services LTD
CR-2016-000842 Paco Limited
CR-2016-000843 Sana Associates Limited
CR-2016-000846 Raven Renovations Limited
CR-2016-000847 JNP Steel Limited
CR-2016-000849 Artisan Recruitment Consultancy Ltd
CR-2016-000850 Rhinos DR24 LTD
CR-2016-000851 W P (N Home) LTD
CR-2016-000852 The Wilde Group LTD
CR-2016-000853 Thai Café & Restaurant Limited
CR-2016-000854 Schools Data Management Systems Limited
CR-2016-000857 Installation Move Solutions Limited
CR-2016-000858 PN Build (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000872 Inspire Sports Management Limited
CR-2016-000879 Corrus Limited
CR-2016-000881 Alphabet Inns Limited
CR-2016-000882 Equity Staff Limited
CR-2016-000886 Aisolve Limited
CR-2016-000892 NH Technical Services Limited
CR-2016-000893 Derrywood Kitchens Ltd
CR-2016-000894 Rubyknight Limited
CR-2016-000943 OCI Interiors Ltd

Ordinary Applications

4543/2014 Stayton Limited
CR-2016-000100 Simple Sup Limited
CR-2016-000409 Hygienic Coatings Limited
2677/2015 Lee Doherty Contractors Limited

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