Companies Court Winding Up List 22.02.16

The following list is subject to change until 4:30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representative.


Companies Court Crest England Wales


Court 5

1st Floor

Rolls Building


Mr Registrar Jones

Monday 22 February 2016

 At 10:30 AM

4520/2001 HIH Casualty And General Insurance Ltd
4521/2001 FAI General Insurance Company Ltd
4522/2001 FAI Insurances Ltd
4942/2015 SS Catering Consultants Ltd
5570/2015 Yorkbury Management Limited
5701/2015 A&I Motors Ltd
5720/2015 Brampton Asset Management Limited
5740/2015 JNS Contractors Limited
6332/2015 Goodmans Construction Limited
6380/2015 Assured Office Solutions Ltd
6746/2015 Bak2Box Ltd
6806/2015 De12c Ltd
6811/2015 Lamco Trading Limited
6834/2015 GCBS (UK) Ltd
6885/2015 Boadicea Holdings Limited
CR-2015-008695 Global Impex (Europe) Ltd
CR-2015-008872 FM (Europe) Ltd
CR-2015-008899 St Alex Limited
CR-2015-008909 Kingscross (PO) Limited
CR-2015-008952 Nationwide Joinery Contractors Limited
CR-2015-008957 Silhill Precision Engineering Limited
CR-2015-009032 GXT Limited
CR-2015-009071 Manor Wood Homes Limited
CR-2015-009084 Huntswood Sports and Leisure Limited
CR-2015-009240 SWRD Group Ltd
CR-2015-009271 GSK Consultancy Limited
CR-2015-009275 The Plasterworkshop Limited
CR-2015-009322 Bolton Wanderers Football & Athletic Company Limited (The)
CR-2015-009327 Financial Printing Limited
CR-2015-009338 Professional Incentives Limited
CR-2015-009371 Drake Hamilton Limited
CR-2015-009414 Cortana Consulting Ltd
CR-2015-009430 Mahogany Community Ventures Limited
CR-2015-009449 Purple Overseas Investments Limited
CR-2015-009451 Agrospan Limited
CR-2015-009455 Oxford Homes (Cardiff) Limited
CR-2015-009471 Marsh (Paving Contractors) Ltd
CR-2015-009473 Shumi Dockside Limited
CR-2015-009488 Argyle Estates Limited
CR-2015-009554 J Matthews & Sons Builders Limited
CR-2015-009632 Mediterranean Food (UK) Limited
CR-2015-009665 WSB Investments Ltd
CR-2015-009697 Fortdean Limited
CR-2015-009720 Bespoke Glass & Double Glazing Limited
CR-2016-000002 Churchil Limited
CR-2016-000003 Ipswich Town Football Club Company Limited
CR-2016-000004 DS Logistics (Kent) Limited
CR-2016-000005 East Thames Utilities Limited
CR-2016-000006 Prospect Commercials Limited
CR-2016-000008 Exceptional Trading Limited
CR-2016-000009 The Greatest Cafe (1968) Ltd
CR-2016-000010 Elemex Limited
CR-2016-000011 Task Multiservices Limited
CR-2016-000012 Benfleet Investments Limited
CR-2016-000013 North Bloc Ltd
CR-2016-000015 C & T Properties (London) Ltd
CR-2016-000016 Solargrade Limited
CR-2016-000017 Element I T Consulting Limited
CR-2016-000018 Kernow Signz Limited
CR-2016-000019 N W (Services) Limited
CR-2016-000020 Ark Joinery Project Limited
CR-2016-000021 Odigie Consulting Limited
CR-2016-000022 AMI Builders Limited
CR-2016-000023 Raynes Construction Limited
CR-2016-000025 Trailstar Ltd
CR-2016-000026 43 Limited
CR-2016-000028 Rasa (Malaysia) Limited
CR-2016-000029 Dennis’s Removals Limited
CR-2016-000031 C & N Hollinrake Limited

Not before 11am

CR-2016-000033 Kwok Kiu Company Ltd
CR-2016-000034 Prelude Engineering and Design Limited
CR-2016-000035 Elite Small Works Limited
CR-2016-000036 Bidtech Solutions Limited
CR-2016-000037 Kieran Looney & Co Ltd
CR-2016-000038 Perry Prowse (Insurance Consultants) Ltd.
CR-2016-000040 Inferno Plumbing & Heating Limited
CR-2016-000042 Kappa 2 Limited
CR-2016-000043 Tedmark Ltd
CR-2016-000045 SMJ Investments Ltd
CR-2016-000047 Britannia Heating Limited
CR-2016-000048 Adray Construction Limited
CR-2016-000053 Automarket Eurozone Limited
CR-2016-000054 BDI Solutions Limited
CR-2016-000056 Connected Cars Finance and leasing Limited
CR-2016-000057 PIMO Estates Limited
CR-2016-000059 Kirmizi Beyaz Kibris Ltd
CR-2016-000061 North Cheshire Interiors Ltd
CR-2016-000063 Brooke Racing Limited
CR-2016-000065 Insignia Homes Ltd
CR-2016-000067 Claim on Time Ltd
CR-2016-000069 GoodFlat Ltd
CR-2016-000072 Elder (UK) Ltd
CR-2016-000073 Elder Homes North LLP
CR-2016-000074 Rider House Limited
CR-2016-000075 Elder Homes Bradford Limited
CR-2016-000076 Waverley Care Homes Limited
CR-2016-000077 Elder Homes Wellingborough Limited
CR-2016-000078 Elder Homes Leeds Llp
CR-2016-000081 Regent Property Management Limited
CR-2016-000082 Northcote Operations Limited
CR-2016-000083 Spice 1 South Shields Ltd
CR-2016-000084 The Charity Line Community Interest Company
CR-2016-000086 Elder Homes Bingley Llp
CR-2016-000087 Millennium Kitchen Services Limited
CR-2016-000088 Chinatown Pizzeria Limited
CR-2016-000089 MKF Transport Limited
CR-2016-000096 PLD Communications Limited
CR-2016-000097 Sayer Property Consulting Limited
CR-2016-000098 Mulbrand Limited
CR-2016-000100 Simple Sup Limited
CR-2016-000101 Pub Solutions North Limited
CR-2016-000106 Moo Dog Woodgreen Limited
CR-2016-000107 Norton Heights Ltd
CR-2016-000113 Bourdon Management Limited
CR-2016-000118 Decatz Limited
CR-2016-000121 Empire Estates (GB) Limited
CR-2016-000122 Bonningtons Interior Solutions Ltd
CR-2016-000123 Aurora Construction Limited
CR-2016-000128 Imperial Decorators Ltd

Ordinary Applications

5041/2015 County Building (Contracting) Ltd
CR-2015-9409 Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Limited
CR-201509483 Postal Service Point Limited

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