Companies Court Winding Up List, 24.09.12

Cause list Monday, 24 September 2012

Updated: 21 September 2012 15.04 (refresh your browser for the latest version)
The following list is subject to change until 4.30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representatives.


Companies Court Crest England Wales


Court 26

Third Floor

The Rolls Building




1.8499/2011Ameeco Accountancy Limited 
2.10089/2011Cre8atsea Limited
3.10797/2011Kieran Shiel & Elaine Peck
4.363/2012Procare Inc Ltd
5.472/2012BPC Circuits Limited
6.2606/2012Derbyshire Storage & Partitions Limited
7.2736/2012Nightfree Ltd
8.3039/2012Harada Limited
9.3046/2012In re a company
10.3048/2012In re a company
11.3214/2012Harefield Place Properties Limited
12.3336/2012Eurobuild Construction Ltd
13.3360/2012Wolverhampton Jeep Limited
14.3375/2012Time Art Gallery Limited
15.3412/2012W H J Limited
16.3480/2012Clemence (CM) Limited
17.3521/2012A1 Electrical Engineering Limited
18.3559/2012Towah Group Limited
19.3644/2012Hawk Eyes Security Services East Midland Ltd
20.3645/2012Branchview Limited
21.3649/2012Eco Profiles UK Ltd
22.3654/2012Pearl Estates (UK) Limited
23.3670/2012The Blurock Partnership Limited
24.3675/2012Consensa Care Ltd
25.3929/2012Eventsworks Training & Security Ltd
26.3934/2012Willian (UK) Limited
27.3942/2012The Wyvern Property Partnership LLP
28.4004/2012Cranham House Projects Limited
29.4153/2012Bridge Consultancy Services Ltd
30.4157/2012Midlands Scaffolding Limited
31.4183/2012E.B Services LTD
32.4195/2012MGS1 (Formerly Miller Gardner)
33.4216/2012Vision Drivers Business Associates Ltd
34.4277/2012UK Vehicle Funding Limited
35.4289/2012Pagan Paints Limited
36.4292/2012P. Schmidt & Son Limited
37.4310/2012Topaz Property Company Limited
38.4344/2012Kendor Limited
39.4348/2012Amerco International Limited
40.4364/2012Flairlane Joinery UK Limited
41.4379/2012GL Designs Limited
42.4398/2012The Trascan Partnership
43.4442/2012Fieldcrown Access Limited
44.4800/2012Kingston Enviro Engineering Services Limited
45.4803/2012The Fabric Barn and Workshops Limited
46.4815/2012Ultrafast Trading & Logistics Ltd
47.4818/2012Payroll & Contracting Management Limited
48.4860/2012Steven Clements Fairs Limited
49.4868/2012The Court Company (UK) Limited
50.4875/2012Angus Heron Ltd.
51.4879/2012B & C Catering Limited
52.4915/2012RSB (Cardiff) Limited
53.4919/2012Albion May Enterprises Limited
54.4932/2012Bespoke Landscaping Limited
55.4950/2012UNO Kitchens Limited
56.4961/2012MJ Cranes & Hoists Limited
57.4982/2012Vanbourne Estates Limited
58.5061/2012Computer & Laptop Sales Ltd
59.5104/2012Amberguard Site Services Limited
60.5180/2012Topplan Estates Limited
61.5250/2012Internet Assist Limited
62.5455/2012Simplytheticket Limited
63.5460/2012M T S (Contractors) Limited
64.5545/2012Lingwood Surfacing Limited
65.5708/2012The George Inn
66.5709/2012The Max Gold Partnership LLP
67.5711/2012The Max Gold Criminal Partnership LLP
68.5724/2012Natural Floorcoverings Ltd.
69.5730/2012Body Energy Limited
70.5889/2012Soleil Fuels Limited
71.5899/2012Stratos Logistics Limited
Not before 11.00am
72.5961/2012Club Concorde Limited
73.6016/2012CFS Electricals Limited
74.6063/2012Marrakech Lounge Limited
75.6073/2012Aquaped Limited
76.6080/2012Mountdegree Limited
77.6095/2012Floating Work Solutions Limited
78.6128/2012Lambe & Evans (Building Contractors) Limited
79.6143/2012Japji Uk Limited
80.6260/2012BCCI Ltd
81.6262/2012Future Homes UK Limited
82.6264/2012Privado Leisure Limited
83.6272/2012Retriever Limited
84.6277/2012Jack Sprat’s Restaurants Limited
85.6278/2012GS Fashion (UK) Limited
86.6279/2012Sona Properties Limited
87.6280/2012GLD Projects Limited
88.6283/2012Moore Training Limited
89.6284/2012Jetforge Properties Limited
90.6287/2012Sapper Drummond Limited
91.6288/2012Spatial Intelligence Limited
92.6289/2012Flawless Flooring (UK) Limited
93.6290/2012Historic Hostelries Limited
94.6291/2012Florida Direct Properties Limited
95.6292/2012A & G Trade Plastics Limited
96.6294/2012Fortuna Frutos (UK) Limited
97.6303/2012Yorkshire Farm Buildings Limited
98.6304/2012Marathon House Limited
99.6308/2012Facility Care Limited
100.6309/2012TRC Associates Limited
101.6313/2012M P S Plumbing & Heating Limited
102.6314/2012Global Plastics Limited
103.6315/2012Pullman Leisure Limited
104.6316/2012Wild Bunch Ltd
105.6317/2012Con-Pack Systems Limited
106.6319/2012Aimlight Builders Limited
107.6321/2012Hose Depot Direct Limited
108.6322/2012Free Office Locator Limited
109.6323/2012Paragon Hi-Tech Limited
110.6325/2012P N’K Corner Limited
111.6327/2012A & M Accountants Limited
112.6330/2012Camberley News Limited
113.6331/2012Swift Post Limited
114.6332/2012Sable Contracting Limited
115.6333/2012William Hayes Freight Limited
116.6337/2012P.B. Donoghue (Land Regeneration) Limited
117.6342/2012MPC Engineering Solutions Ltd
118.6349/2012Silver Pipe Limited
119.6350/2012C.H. Wright Care Limited
120.6351/2012Yield Construction Limited
121.6353/2012Anekwe Limited
122.6355/2012The Naked Baker Limited
123.6356/2012Priory Brickwork (Builders) Limited
124.6357/2012All-Freight (Haulage) Limited
125.6358/2012Higher Resourcing Limited
126.6359/2012Formark Developments Limited
127.6360/2012Marketplace Human Resources Limited
128.6361/2012Onwude Consulting Services Limited
129.6363/2012Blue Earth Solutions Limited
130.6364/2012North East Window Cleaning Services Limited
131.6365/2012Shieldex Limited
132.6366/2012Illumix Software Limited
133.6367/2012Dasim Developments Limited
134.6368/2012Prolec (Kent) Limited
135.6369/2012Gipsy Lane Estate Limited
136.6378/2012Tea Limited
137.6389/2012Majgenta Limited
138.6390/2012City Capital Partners Limited
139.6391/2012Armour Contracts Limited
140.6393/2012Aquatec Contracts Limited
141.6394/20121st Class Roof Coating Limited
Not before 11.30am
142.6395/2012GF Graphic Services Ltd
143.6398/2012Active Security Services (GB) Ltd
144.6400/2012Eco Builders (South East) Limited
145.6404/2012Safedb Limited
146.6407/2012International Talent Management Limited
147.6408/2012Comtrend UK Ltd
148.6410/2012Sean Smith & Associates Ltd
149.6411/2012SYS Building Services Limited
150.6415/2012Bap Foods Limited
151.6420/2012Beekman’s Electrical Contractors Limited
152.6424/2012P & D Scaffolding Limited
153.6426/2012Collins Commercial Development Consultancy Limited
154.6432/2012THE EAGLE TAVERN
155.6634/2012Independent Insurance Holdings Limited
Ordinary Applications
156.11344/2011Penlake Investment Services Limited
157.2831/2012North West London Investments Ltd
158.  5078/2012Satus Regeneration Project Limited

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