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Croydon Village Outlet In Administration After Winding Up Petition

April 22 2014

It has been reported that Marco Cash (CEO of Croydon Village Outlet) asked the High Court to put the company into administration, after having received winding up petitions alleging it was “unable to pay its debts as they fell due” – although the Company disputes this.

Metro Outlet Croydon Ltd Receive Winding Up Petitions

Administrators were called into the department store after the company who owns the outlet, Metro Outlet Ltd, received winding-up petitions from creditors earlier this month. The development comes after it emerged that debt collectors are chasing more than £1m that Croydon Village Outlet owes to dozens of creditors.

We understand that two suppliers made winding-up petitions in March against the company, neither of which had been heard before it went into administration. Two county court judgements have been granted against it.

Mr Cash told the High Court in a reported witness statement that he disputed both winding-up petitions, saying Rectella Ltd, of Manchester, had been paid everything owed.

He said the sum of £38,097.92 asked for by HILCO Wholesale Limited, of Middlesborough, was in dispute and going down daily as HILCO is trading at the store.

However, a county court ruled his company does owe £9,010 to Alegrata Limited, for a security tagging system fitted in the store.

Winding Up Petition Legal Advice

If you have received a winding up petition our legal experts are able to provide legal advice and representation. Our team of solicitors and barristers can obtain a court adjournment, CVA’s or successfully challenge the validity of the winding up petition to ensure that the petition is dismissed.

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