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Featherstone Rovers to Pay Tax Debt after HMRC Issues Winding Up Petition

December 07 2015

Featherstone Rovers have reportedly received a winding up petition however the professional rugby league club say the arrears will be paid off this week. A petition to wind up the club was presented on 28 October by HMRC.


HMRC Winding Up Petition Issued

Following conversations between the club and HMRC a plan was agreed to pay the outstanding debt in four instalments, two of which have already been paid. The current balance outstanding is £11,100 and given the fact that details of the petition have been published the club is planning to bring forward the final two payments to clear the balance this week.

Rovers chief executive Pat Cluskey reportedly said:

“Basically, it’s [sic] regards to some money that was due in October and the final payment will be made this Thursday. We have made two payments and the third payment will be made on Thursday.”

Winding-up Petition Solicitors

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