HMRC Winding-up Petitions: Hartlepool United Facing Third Petition

Hartlepool United F.C have reportedly been issued their third winding-up petition by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) due to another unpaid tax bill. 

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Hartlepool United F.C. HMRC Facing Third Winding Up Petition

High Court Petition

Hartlepool United F.C. have been issued another winding-up petition by HMRC. The hearing is due to take place on the 6 February 2016 at the High Court for £104,298.47.

The club’s first petition was reportedly dismissed after the court heard that the unpaid bill was due to an ‘accounting software error’. They also managed to avoid a petition against them at the end of last year by settling an unpaid tax bill.

Gary Coxall, the chairman of Hartlepool United, has issued a statement to the club’s website:

“It is true that the Club has previously received two winding-up petitions but both have been explained. This “third” winding-up order is totally different, as we agreed a payment plan with HMRC by which we would settle the amount in two separate payments and, as of today, we have now cleared £100,000 of that bill. As part of the payment plan we agreed that if the second payment wasn’t met then a winding up-petition could be back-dated but this has been resolved. In short, it was only a notice of a winding-up, which has been effectively resolved before issue.”

Winding-up Petition Solicitors

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