Southend United presented with their fifth winding-up petition

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) issued a winding up petition on 4 February 2013 over an undisclosed tax bill that was due from the football club.

HMRC’s stricter approach to dealing with football clubs has seen the club face similar financial problems over the last four years. The club avoided going into administration in November 2009 when they paid off £690,000 of arrears to HMRC. Southend United where left in a similar predicament in 2010 when HMRC sought two winding up orders, which related to an unpaid tax bill, while the other was from Charterhouse Commercial Finance Plc who were owed £140,000, which the club later paid. In addition to this the Essex club faced a further order in 2011.

The petition has been listed for the High Court of Justice, London on Monday 18 March 2013, where the football club to be wound up and dissolved if the tax bill remains unpaid.

Club Chairman Ron Martin told the BBC that despite the bill being only three days late, the bill will be “dealt within the normal order of business” and is confident that the matter will not reach court.

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