Winding-Up Petition issued by Private Planet Ltd against Retro Computers Ltd

Private Planet Ltd have reportedly  secured a winding-up petition against Retro Computers Ltd due to a failure to produce ZX Spectrum themed game consoles. 

Private Planet Ltd secure winding-up petition against Retro Computers Ltd.

Winding-Up Petition

Private Planet Ltd have issued a winding-up petition against Retro Computers Ltd (RCL). Retro Computers Ltd absorbed £513,000 of backers’ money to produce ZX Spectrum themed game consoles but failed to deliver.

The winding-up petition issued by Private Planet Ltd was originally filed on 30 November 2018. It was reported that Retro Computers Ltd were not represented at the winding-up hearing. As a result, on 1 February 2019, Retro Computers Ltd was successfully wound up by Private Plane Ltd.

As per the Insolvency Rules (Rule 4.11) a winding-up petition must be advertised in the London Gazette. In addition,the advertisement of the petition is to inform other creditors and anyone who contributes to the company that a petition has been made against the company. It enables those affected to attend the petition hearing and make any submissions to the Court. Once a winding-up petition is advertised it may not be withdrawn and will proceed to to a hearing in Court.

Winding-up Petition Solicitors

If you have received a winding up petition our legal experts are able to provide legal advice and representation. Our team of solicitors and barristers can obtain a court adjournment; CVA’s or successfully challenge the validity of the winding  up Petition to ensure that the petition is dismissed, often without public advertisement.

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