Our Success: Case Studies

We have a team of established insolvency lawyers with a proven track record of delivering solutions. Our success rate is a result of the dedication of our lawyers whom will diligently review your matter so it has the best possible chance of success from the outset when it matters the most.

We have achieved many successful results for companies facing insolvency proceedings, winding up peititons, statutory demands and validation orders.

Validation Order Successfully Obtained and Winding up Petition Dismissed

We were instructed on an urgent basis from the director of an award winning design company. The company owed significant sums to HMRC and over the course of 3 years had paid over £1.5 million to HMRC. Nevertheless, the company was served with a winding up petition from HMRC who sought to wind up the company on the basis of a petition debt consisting of around £150,000.

The company urgently required a validation order to unfreeze the bank accounts in order to trade and required day-to-day payments to be made to ultimately pay the sums demanded by HMRC. Within 24 hours of being instructed we had prepared witness evidence on behalf of the company’s director and issued an application for a validation order along with a certificate of urgency.

Our insolvency lawyers are experts in crafting arguments supporting cases for validation orders to be granted. In this case, we argued that the company would be significantly prejudiced (and be further exposed to liability for interest and penalties) if no order were to be granted. Our evidence also convinced HMRC that without a validation order the Commissioners would be kept out of any entitlement to tax liability.

We urgently sought a hearing and within just 3 days of being instructed we attended the hearing and convinced the court that a validation order was required. On top of this, the judge praised our application, saying it was very well presented and convincing.

Our expert team later attended the winding up petition hearing and successfully sought the dismissal of the winding up petition itself. The work we did ensured the company could continue trading and there was no longer any winding up petition against the company.

Not many law firms have the ability to meet a client for the first time and within 3 days successfully obtain a validation order. We are insolvency and winding up petitions experts and are able to do this work on an urgent basis to help companies in need of legal assistance. This was a fantastic result for the client, the client stated:

Extremely helpful and professional. They explained the process and executed a fantastic result for us. Highly recommended.

Company director, award winning design company that urgently required a validation order

Validation Order Successfully Obtained Without A Hearing

We were instructed on an urgent basis from a company in the business of transporting cargo and merchandise. The company was served with a winding up petition in respect of a disputed debt of approximately £15,000.

The company required an urgent validation order to unfreeze its bank accounts so that it could continue trading and making day-to-day payments to its suppliers and its employees.  Within three business days of being instructed by the company, we reviewed the company’s financial position, prepared and issued an application for a validation order along with a detailed witness statement evidencing the company’s strong financial position and a certificate of urgency.

The Judge sought further evidence in respect of the company’s financial sustainability, following which we prepared a second witness statement detailing the company’s financial position and enclosed the relevant documentations (which included the company’s profit and loss account and its financial accounts). Within 48 hours of issuing the application for a validation order, we convinced the court that a validation order should be granted in the terms sought by us. The Judge subsequently granted a validation order on paper and without a hearing, which is extremely rare and showcases the excellent work of our lawyers. 

Our expert team later sought the dismissal of the winding up petition itself from the opponents and the company was awarded costs as a result. The work we did ensured the company could continue trading and there was no longer any winding up petition against the company.

What we can do for you:

We have a strict procedure in place to ensure every matter undergoes a thorough initial assessment. Typically we do the following:

  • Assess the risks/merits of a petition
  • Gather all relevant documents needed
  • Complete all paperwork
  • Negotiate and correspond with your opponent
  • Manage the entire petition process
  • Go on the record and represent you at the Companies Court

Our team of  Winding-Up Petition expert lawyers have years of experience and can offer solutions to any related problem or question that you may have.

Unlike many other specialist insolvency law firms, members of our team are experienced litigators with professional negligence experience and in particular when it comes to claims for negligent insolvency advice which can be from either an insolvency practitioner, solicitor or barrister.

Click here for more information on whether you have a claim against a negligent insolvency practioner or specialist insolvency solicitor or barrister. 

Reasons you should choose us:

We recommend that you let experts handle your matter. Here’s why:

  • Reduce failure risk from attempting to manage and understand rules and laws yourself
  • Expert assistance and advice which can obtain a much better result
  • Dedicated specialists which results in a faster solution to your problem

Our Winding-Up Experts are able to give specialist legal information and advice in this area of law. To contact one of our Solicitors or Barristers please click here or call 0845 8622 529.

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