Advising Directors on Risk

A director of a company that is in financial difficulties could face personal liability in respect of:

  • Personal guarantees.
  • Fraudulent trading (section 213, 1986 Act).
  • Wrongful trading (section 214, 1986 Act).
  • Misfeasance or breach of duty (including the statutory general duties under the Companies Act 2006).
  • Where the company is a public company, serious loss of capital.
  • Where the company is listed, the Listing, Prospectus, Disclosure and Transparency Rules and the Financial Services Markets Act 2000. (For more information on these Rules.
  • Other offences under the 1986 Act.

Directors should seek external advice as soon as they are aware that the company is in financial difficulties.

If you are facing a Winding-Up Petition, we can negotiate on your behalf and advise you through the Insolvency and Companies Court process. Our Winding-Up Experts have specialist legal information and advice which will be tailored to your situation. To contact one of our Solicitors or Barristers please click here or call 02071830529.

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Some firms offer free meetings with unqualified or junior lawyers but only after you’ve spent significant funds do you then get advice from a senior partner and/or barrister possibly suggesting that the case shouldn’t be pursued. We believe it is better to give accurate advice from experienced counsel from the outset.

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Legal advice is just one aspect of getting a solution. The most important thing is what you do with the legal knowledge about your case, how you present it to the other side and how you negotiate your way to the optimal legal settlement. Our lawyers are masters of strategically securing optimal financial settlement, often via winding-up petitions where carefully considered and advised as appropriate.

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