Companies Court Winding Up List 18.04.16

The following list is subject to change until 4:30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representative.


Companies Court Crest England Wales


Court 12

2nd Floor

Rolls Building


Mr Registrar Baister

Monday 18 April 2016

 At 10:30am

9381/2014 Newdrive Limited
1999/2015 Dean Edwards Limited
5017/2015 Traxx (Aggregates) Limited
5720/2015 Brampton Asset Management Limited
6143/2015 Bean Bower & Co. Limited
6514/2015 Trends Research Limited
6729/2015 A K Plumbing And Heating
CR-2015-008695 Global Impex (Europe) Ltd
CR-2015-008764 Saint Precision Engineering Limited
CR-2015-009080 Benton Plant Limited
CR-2015-009194 In2ambition Limited
CR-2015-009393 Kings Fulham Ltd
CR-2015-009410 Innovators In Law Ltd
CR-2015-009420 Box Architects (Yorkshire) Ltd
CR-2015-009453 Bethany Retail Limited
CR-2015-009758 www.carnationrentals limited
CR-2016-000048 Adray Construction Limited
CR-2016-000067 Claim on Time Ltd
CR-2016-000083 Spice 1 South Shields Ltd
CR-2016-000247 Ambassador Hotel (Llandudno) Limited
CR-2016-000259 Solland Interiors Limited
CR-2016-000372 Urban Base Recycling Limited
CR-2016-000388 Goldsolution Limited
CR-2016-000526 Sparc Group (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000561 Highgrove Osprey plc
CR-2016-000608 BMR Beauty Limited
CR-2016-000612 Drummond Developments Limited
CR-2016-000656 First Place Graduate Recruitment Ltd
CR-2016-000659 Bondwey Limited
CR-2016-000671 A.C.E. Resolutions Limited
CR-2016-000674 Construction Confidence Limited
CR-2016-000685 Miners Arms (Medomsley) Limited
CR-2016-000704 K John Limited
CR-2016-000715 Fulham Rock Limited
CR-2016-000721 Irock Limited
CR-2016-000739 Pack Properties Limited
CR-2016-000751 Positive Jam, Ltd
CR-2016-000766 Dynamic Renovations Limited
CR-2016-000780 MD Bricklaying Contractors Limited
CR-2016-000783 Omnipharm Limited
CR-2016-000797 Mapleoak Construction Ltd
CR-2016-000804 S J Moore Consulting Limited
CR-2016-000813 Luxline Systems LTD
CR-2016-000819 Oneteck (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000837 Morlis Transport
CR-2016-000846 Raven Renovations Limited
CR-2016-000858 PN Build (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000860 M&B Rendering and Insulation Services Ltd
CR-2016-000861 Clifford Construction Western Limited
CR-2016-000870 Dan’s H P Source Limited
CR-2016-000871 GGN Limited
CR-2016-000873 Roseberry Club Leisure Limited
CR-2016-000875 Montpelier Professional Limited
CR-2016-000876 London Telecom Exchange LTD
CR-2016-000877 Joel.Communications.UK LTD
CR-2016-000878 Assist Support Services Group Limited
CR-2016-000880 09237940 Limited
CR-2016-000884 UK Brazil Courier Ltd
CR-2016-000887 Gavin Brian Drake Ltd
CR-2016-000892 NH Technical Services Limited
CR-2016-000895 Vehicle Leasing Solutions Limited
CR-2016-000897 William Grace Limited
CR-2016-000900 Wireless Wizards LTD
CR-2016-000907 Kensington & Edinburgh Estates Limited
CR-2016-000912 Earwood Limited

Not before 11am

CR-2016-000913 Eastway Transport Limited
CR-2016-000914 Ling Joinery Limited
CR-2016-000915 Bliss Support LTD
CR-2016-000921 Elevator Repair Services Limited
CR-2016-000923 ESGW Electrical Limited
CR-2016-000924 European Solution Limited
CR-2016-000926 Key Investments Limited
CR-2016-000927 MJS London Constructions LTD
CR-2016-000929 W H Building and Roofing Services Limited
CR-2016-000935 The Interiors Group Limited
CR-2016-000940 AP Cleaning J Services LTD
CR-2016-000942 Ask Dynamics LTD
CR-2016-000944 MPS Electrical LTD
CR-2016-000945 Hobbs Electrical and Property Maintenance Limited
CR-2016-000947 Baruch Enterprises Limited
CR-2016-000948 T & D Finishing Limited
CR-2016-000950 New Green Services Limited
CR-2016-000951 Boogooyamma Limited
CR-2016-000952 Elephant Royale Thai Restaurant (Dockland) LTD
CR-2016-000953 M D C London Limited
CR-2016-000954 20 20 Vision (London) Limited
CR-2016-000955 Court Barton Estate Limited
CR-2016-000959 Bestway Group Ltd
CR-2016-000968 Sabana Supply Limited
CR-2016-000971 Neon (London) Limited
CR-2016-000975 Blue Chilli Transport Limited
CR-2016-000976 Accord Procurement Services Limited
CR-2016-000977 Alphabet City Trading LTD
CR-2016-000978 D.B. Enterprises (Property Solutions) Limited
CR-2016-000979 Diamond Conspiracy LTD
CR-2016-000980 The Gulf Agencies Limited
CR-2016-000981 Half Penny Accountants Limited
CR-2016-000984 Mongas Kids Wear Limited
CR-2016-000994 Chequers Holborn Limited
CR-2016-000996 Panache Restaurants (Properties) Limited
CR-2016-000998 CPC Ingredients Limited
CR-2016-000999 Datacom Distribution LTD
CR-2016-001001 Docklands Medical Services (London) LTD
CR-2016-001002 Mentmore Golf Corporate Limited
CR-2016-001006 Adore Bridalwear Limited
CR-2016-001007 The Stateside Candy Co Limited
CR-2016-001008 Horizon Knitwear Ltd
CR-2016-001009 Timan Gas & Oil PLC
CR-2016-001014 Shantou Invesco Limited
CR-2016-001015 Quick Skips London Limited
CR-2016-001019 Apex Associates City Limited
CR-2016-001027 The Tech Den (UK) Ltd
CR-2016-001030 Alternative Investment Solutions (General) Limited
CR-2016-001031 Lifestyle Heating Limited
CR-2016-001033 Multi Level Media Limited
CR-2016-001034 Weston Hire Services Limited
CR-2016-001036 Quality Care Services (QCS) Limited
CR-2016-001037 Preact Limited
CR-2016-001038 Cream Solutions Limited
CR-2016-001039 TR Project Support Sevices Limited
CR-2016-001046 Premiere Flooring Installations Limited
CR-2016-001047 Quality Friends Limited
CR-2016-001052 Reliance Wholesale Trading Ltd
CR-2016-001054 Iviewtickets Limited
CR-2016-001056 A1 Construction and Plumbing Limited
CR-2016-001057 Linguacentre Limited
CR-2016-001060 B A S Installations Limited
CR-2016-001062 Bentley Grove Limited
CR-2016-001063 Britannia Fire Technology Limited
CR-2016-001065 Buckinghamshire Cleaning Services Ltd
CR-2016-001066 CRE8 Self Storage Limited
CR-2016-001067 Green Electrical Sevices Kent Limited
CR-2016-001068 Mercoil Limited

Not before 11:30am

CR-2016-001069 MK Autocare Ltd
CR-2016-001070 Pendeford Electrical Services Limited
CR-2016-001071 Vcast Limited
CR-2016-001073 Slurp Express Limited
CR-2016-001074 Smart Engineering Resources Limited
CR-2016-001075 Grange Property Holdings Limited
CR-2016-001078 XSSL Limited
CR-2016-001079 T&L Installations Ltd
CR-2016-001082 Your Power Limited
CR-2016-001083 Aurora Construction Limited
CR-2016-001084 Wychwood Estates Limited
CR-2016-001088 Mosaic Community Care Limited
CR-2016-001089 The Wheel World Recruitment Limited
CR-2016-001097 Alba Insulation Limited
CR-2016-001098 Bucks Personnel Ltd
CR-2016-001099 Settle Brewing Company Limited
CR-2016-001100 Hornee Retail Limited
CR-2016-001102 Neat Electrical Services Limited
CR-2016-001103 Micklewright Farms Limited
CR-2016-001104 J.V.P.B (Construction & Management  ) Limited
CR-2016-001106 Horizon Import Export Limited
CR-2016-001107 Whitaker’s Energy Solutions Ltd
CR-2016-001109 Henrys Haulage Services Ltd
CR-2016-001110 Kandler & Co Limited
CR-2016-001112 Expo Limited
CR-2016-001126 GPD AC Limited
CR-2016-001150 Stone Service Group Ltd
CR-2016-001155 Quantum Pharmaceuticals Solutions Ltd
CR-2016-001162 Tigercom Limited
CR-2016-001164 London Welsh Rugby Football Club Limited
CR-2016-001165 Alpha Marine Consultancy LTD
CR-2016-001166 Megara Limited
CR-2016-001167 Geenet Limited
CR-2016-001187 Ascentco Limited
CR-2016-001189 House of Hair & Beauty (Preston) Ltd
CR-2016-001190 Bury Football Club Company
CR-2016-001191 MTEC Security Systems LTD
CR-2016-001197 Mayfair Realty Limited

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