The Vampire’s Wife’s HMRC Winding Up Petition

Luxury fashion brand, The Vampire’s Wife, renowned for its gothic-inspired dresses, recently encountered a significant hurdle in the form of a winding up petition filed by HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). The Vampire’s Wife’s encounter with the winding up petition underscores the challenges faced by businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the support of investors and a robust recovery plan, the brand has managed to settle its tax debt and regain stability.

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Winding Up Petition issued by HMRC for Tax Debt

The Vampire’s Wife found itself entangled in a winding up petition initiated by HMRC. This legal action threatened the brand’s operations and necessitated a closer examination of the situation. The petition was advertised in The Gazette on 30 June 2023, it stated that a court date had been set for 12 July 2023 at 10:30am.

COVID-19 Pandemic causing Tax Debts

Acknowledging the winding up petition, The Vampire’s Wife attributed its debt accumulation to the adverse impact of the pandemic on its business operations. The brand’s statement revealed a delayed tax payment from earlier this year as the catalyst for the unexpected petition. Unfortunately, their request for a formal Time To Pay Arrangement was rejected by HMRC.

Defending a HMRC Winding-up Petition

Despite the challenging circumstances, The Vampire’s Wife said it was committed to finding a mutually agreeable resolution with HMRC. The company asserts that it is working closely with its secured lender to navigate these financial difficulties, emphasising its determination to continue trading.

The brand is forecasted to achieve sales of £6.6 million in the current financial year, signalling a remarkable rebound. These projections will have allowed the company to find capital to pay off the HMRC tax debt.

Settlement of a HMRC Tax Debt

In a recent development, The Vampire’s Wife has successfully settled its tax bill with HMRC, ensuring its compliance with the tax authorities. The resolution of this pressing issue has been made possible with the assistance of the brand’s investors, Jimmy Iovine, the American music mogul, and Liberty Ross, the British supermodel and entrepreneur.

With prominent stockists including Matches, Liberty, Net-A-Porter, and Selfridges, The Vampire’s Wife now enters a more stable phase. While specific financial figures are not disclosed, reports indicate that the brand has overcome its pandemic-induced losses and is currently operating profitably.

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Experts in HMRC Winding-up Petition Defence

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