Companies Court Winding Up List 11.03.16

The following list is subject to change until 4:30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representative.


Companies Court Crest England Wales


Court 30

5th Floor

Rolls Building


Mr Registrar Jones

Monday 11 March 2016

 At 10:30am

6841/2014 Valley Resources Management Inc
4484/2015 Concordia Construction Ltd
5696/2015 Asia Coal Energy Ventures Limited
5748/2015 Barleymow Limited
6354/2015 GLF Limited
6450/2015 Landre Investments Limited
6503/2015 Central Perk (Liverpool) Limited
6649/2015 Elstone Engineering Company
6688/2015 The K L Durkan & K P Durkan
6692/2015 Goldcrest Limited
CR-2015-008741 Carol Kerven Odessa Centre Limited
CR-2015-008792 Fred Watkins (Estates) Limited
CR-2015-008796 Pentalink Limited
CR-2015-008801 Formations No 60 Ltd
CR-2015-008803 Vehicle Body Services Direct Limited
CR-2015-008829 T & D Galvanizing Ltd
CR-2015-008872 FM (Europe) Ltd
CR-2015-008918 Digital Buying Partners Limited
CR-2015-008937 Bowers & Barr, Limited
CR-2015-009005 Reigo (UK) Limited
CR-2015-009071 Manor Wood Homes Limited
CR-2015-009098 Fre-Kah Consultancy Limited
CR-2015-009149 LNRP Limited
CR-2015-009202 Waste-Stream-International Ltd
CR-2015-009209 Zack Alexander Developments Limited
CR-2015-009215 Bectech Limited
CR-2015-009252 Land and Estate Developments UK Limited
CR-2015-009293 The Saffron Room Cheshire Limited
CR-2015-009331 La Cuenta Limited
CR-2015-009342 Belmont Services (Southwest) Limited
CR-2015-009343 Deemay Limited
CR-2015-009526 Exhibition Lifting & Forwarding Services Limited
CR-2015-009576 Alexander Properties (UK) Ltd
CR-2015-009630 AW Print Services Limited
CR-2015-009651 Kelly BrosBuilding Contractors Ltd
CR-2015-009664 All Gates Brewery Limited
CR-2015-009665 WSB Investments Ltd
CR-2015-009693 Hairwise Limited
CR-2015-009695 Cfix Personnel Limited
CR-2016-000053 Automarket Eurozone Limited
CR-2016-000089 MKF Transport Limited
CR-2016-000101 Pub Solutions North Limited
CR-2016-000349 GEF Guarantee Equity UK Limited
CR-2016-000415 Clark Rees LLP
CR-2016-000421 Iconic Worldwide Gaming Limited
CR-2016-000428 D & P Management Enterprises Limited
CR-2016-000429 Watersfield Limited
CR-2016-000432 AIS Law Ltd
CR-2016-000434 GDA Surveys Ltd
CR-2016-000435 ECO Energy Sales Ltd
CR-2016-000436 Freedom Gas Ltd
CR-2016-000438 Hometrack Data Systems Limited
CR-2016-000440 Peyton & Byrne Limited
CR-2016-000441 Phoenix Construction (Burnley) Limited
CR-2016-000443 G.K. Aston & Sons Limited
CR-2016-000445 Swimlane Ltd
CR-2016-000446 Skonto Enterprises (UK) Ltd
CR-2016-000447 Consulere Ltd
CR-2016-000449 Astroaxis Limited
CR-2016-000450 Midlands Interiors Limited
CR-2016-000451 Medway Fire Protection Ltd
CR-2016-000452 1st Choice Clearview Windows & Doors Ltd
CR-2016-000453 NJL Yorkline Holdings Limited
CR-2016-000454 Accountancy Answers (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000458 Zenith44 Limited
CR-2016-000459 D J Willrich Limited
CR-2016-000460 Numill Limited
CR-2016-000461 Liberti Legal Ltd

Not before 11am

CR-2016-000462 BT Construction Limited
CR-2016-000463 Freedom Electricity Ltd
CR-2016-000466 Kent & Sussex Properties Ltd
CR-2016-000467 Paramount Monitoring & Response Limited
CR-2016-000469 Freedom Renewables (North West) CIC
CR-2016-000471 Lynx Homes Limited
CR-2016-000473 Door To Door Express Limited
CR-2016-000475 Zee3DCompany Ltd
CR-2016-000484 IP Carvery Ltd
CR-2016-000485 Step Stone Quarter Limited
CR-2016-000489 Pethericks & Gillard Limited
CR-2016-000490 Porthmadog Demolition Services Ltd
CR-2016-000491 Broad Oak Toiletries Limited
CR-2016-000492 Ambassador Hotel (Llandudno) Limited
CR-2016-000493 XYLYX Limited
CR-2016-000494 Dynamic Business Intelligence Ltd
CR-2016-000495 Care Homes Construction Limited
CR-2016-000497 7 Sevenoaks Limited
CR-2016-000498 Airfare Direct Ltd
CR-2016-000500 Venuedressers Ltd
CR-2016-000501 3s Foods Limited
CR-2016-000502 Gold UK Consulting Ltd
CR-2016-000508 HRL Refurbishment & Maintenance Ltd
CR-2016-000510 Meynell Plays Limited
CR-2016-000511 Advanced Network Engineering Consultants Limited
CR-2016-000512 First Services Facilities Management Ltd
CR-2016-000513 HSTOHM Limited
CR-2016-000515 Nottingham Forest Football Club Limited
CR-2016-000516 Landkare Limited
CR-2016-000520 Eco Home Insulation Solutions Limited
CR-2016-000522 U & G Consultants Ltd
CR-2016-000523 Forge Engineering Limited
CR-2016-000524 Assured Property Searches Ltd
CR-2016-000526 Sparc Group (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000527 Fremel Ltd
CR-2016-000528 Arjent Limited
CR-2016-000529 Ideal Contract Flooring Limited
CR-2016-000533 Lakenheath Hall Estates UK Limited
CR-2016-000534 Core Plus Limited

Ordinary Applications

6646/2015 Heddwch Limited

6893/2015 Rhino Midlands Limited

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