How to check whether a Company has entered an Insolvency Process

Prior to a presentation of a winding-up petition, it is essential to check at the earliest stage whether a business has entered an insolvency process. There are various ways to check if a business is already subject to an insolvency process and we have provided further details on this below.

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What is the Central Register of Winding Up Petitions?

The central register of winding up petitions has information in relation to any insolvency process filed with the Court, including:

  • pending winding up petition or winding up order (subject to restrictions – for example petitions presented during the COVID-19 period which are initially marked private);
  • notice of intention to appoint an administrator, any administration application and any order of appointment; and
  • or moratorium order or application.

The register does not generally hold information about company voluntary arrangements, receivership or voluntary liquidations. In the event that the central register is not up-to-date, it i, enquiries of particular courts can be attempted.

How do you search the Central Register?

There are two ways to search the Central Register:

  • by using the public CE-file online or in person at court (this option is currently unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic), which allows searches 24 hours a day against company names.
  • by telephoning the designated premium rate number;

What is a HM Land Registry search?

A Land Charges search can be requested for any private and public limited company as well as private individual through the HM Land Registry website. The search should be made using full names as well as variations of name in order to receive accurate results.

What information is in The Gazette?

The Gazette is an online search tool which can be used to search for details of any companies involved in insolvency proceedings.

The Gazette publishes the following information in relation to insolvency proceedings:

  • advertisement of winding up petitions;
  • making of winding up orders;
  • appointments of liquidators by the court;
  • notices of appointments of administrators; and
  • appointments of liquidators in voluntary winding ups. 

What insolveny information is on Companies House?

The register at Companies House is a useful online search engine. Companies House will state whether a company is active, administration, in liquidation or is there is an active proposal to strike it off the register. It will also provide you with details of the liquidator or administrator is and their contact details.

Should I search the Personal Insolvency Register?

Although not relevant to issuance of winding-up petitions, an online search of the Insolvency Register is available to identify whether an individual has been made bankrupt. As with the Gazette and Companies House searches, it can sometimes take a few weeks for the information to be updated.

How does the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 impact these searches?

Paragraph 5 of the new Insolvency Practice Direction relating to the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 states that a winding-up petition filed at court will now be classified as ‘private’ until the court has concluded whether or not it is likely that it will be able to make a winding up order. This is likely to cause problems with searching at the Central Registry of Winding-up Petitions as a search will not show an outstanding winding-up petition until the court has reached its conclusion.

Looking to issue a winding up petition? Need Legal Advice?

If your company is looking to issue a winding-up petition or is concerned about a winding-up petition or statutory demand from a creditor your company can potentially challenge that petition. For further details on how a company can obtain an injunction to restrain presentation of a winding-up petition, see our page here.

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