Companies Court Winding Up List 29.02.16

The following list is subject to change until 4:30pm. Any alterations after this time will be telephoned or emailed direct to the parties or their legal representative.


Companies Court Crest England Wales


Court 21

3rd Floor

Rolls Building


Mr Registrar Jones

Monday 29 February 2016

 At 10:30 AM

854/2015 Medical Associates Limited
4884/2015 Concordia Construction Ltd
5748/2015 Barleymow Limited
5953/2015 Red Route Limited
6346/2015 DPL Plumbing Heating & Mechanical Services Limited
6412/2015 London Motor Museum (UK) Ltd
6692/2015 Goldcrest Limited
6708/2015 GPSC Capital Corp. Ltd
6716/2015 Muckleton Machinery Sales
6830/2015 Gaba & Karpal Limited
6844/2015 Binstead Management Limited
6919/2015 E & N Tiling Limited
6920/2015 Engage Fundraising Limited
6936/2015 Forensic Software Limited
CR-2015-008576 Broadgate Capital Partners Ltd
CR-2015-008633 TAXI VAN & TRUCK LTD
CR-2015-008707 Soho Networking Solutions Limited
CR-2015-008724 Life Line Screening UK Limited
CR-2015-008767 Pubola Limited
CR-2015-008785 Write Notes Limited
CR-2015-008820 Continental Private Hire Limited
CR-2015-009238 Central Hall Developments Limited
CR-2015-009266 Perform Construction UK Limited
CR-2015-009315 Bamboo Marketing Limited
CR-2015-009473 Shumi Dockside Limited
CR-2015-009480 Inspired Facades Ltd
CR-2015-009557 Tiger Bills Franchise Limited
CR-2015-009569 Johnstones Eggs Limited
CR-2015-009614 1st Class Contractors Limited
CR-2015-009628 Barkbeech Limited
CR-2015-009760 North End Investments Limited
CR-2015-009781 LBI Retail Limited
CR-2016-000025 Trailstar Ltd
CR-2016-000036 Bidtech Solutions Limited
CR-2016-000088 Chinatown Pizzeria Limited
CR-2016-000121 Empire Estates (GB) Limited
CR-2016-000130 EMC (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000131 Ashford United Football Club Limited
CR-2016-000132 Red Advertising Limited
CR-2016-000133 Blue Wave Consulting Limited
CR-2016-000134 Torluc Ltd
CR-2016-000135 PTAU Ltd
CR-2016-000138 Camping Construction Ltd
CR-2016-000141 Carlisle Blinds Limited
CR-2016-000142 Comstel Limited
CR-2016-000143 R S T Leisure Ltd
CR-2016-000144 Whitbys Limited
CR-2016-000145 Sports & Leisure Security & Event Services Limited
CR-2016-000146 Chigwell (Shepherds Bush) Limited
CR-2016-000149 Universal Fruit (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000150 Impact Leisure 2014 Ltd
CR-2016-000151 Regal Logistics Limited
CR-2016-000152 Ark Construction Project Ltd
CR-2016-000153 E Pearson (Removals) Limited
CR-2016-000154 Construction Services Solutions Limited
CR-2016-000155 O’Meara Architectural Services Ltd
CR-2016-000156 Blenheim Capital Services Limited
CR-2016-000157 Enable UK (Midlands) Limited
CR-2016-000158 DCS Pest Services Ltd
CR-2016-000159 Kaem Leisure Ltd
CR-2016-000160 Quality Technology Systems Limited
CR-2016-000161 Leefe Enterprises Limited
CR-2016-000162 Lightbrigade PR Limited
CR-2016-000163 G V Bayley Containers Ltd
CR-2016-000164 North London Pub & Dining Co Ltd
CR-2016-000166 Newcastle Rugby Limited
CR-2016-000167 Widge Limited

Not before 11am

CR-2016-000168 Rolamgold Limited
CR-2016-000169 C.A.E. Services (Northern) Limited
CR-2016-000170 Eitronic Limited
CR-2016-000171 Weatherguard HPM Limited
CR-2016-000172 SW Construction Limited
CR-2016-000173 Red Savannah Enterprises Limited
CR-2016-000174 G.M.F. Consultancy Limited
CR-2016-000175 Richard Ashby London Limited
CR-2016-000177 Courier Workshop Limited
CR-2016-000178 Bizzib Facility Management Limited
CR-2016-000180 Midwest Network Limited
CR-2016-000181 Fudda International Limited
CR-2016-000183 MS Build & Construct Ltd
CR-2016-000184 Independent Fish & Chips UK Limited
CR-2016-000185 Safegas Heating Limited
CR-2016-000186 M6 Motor Bodies Ltd
CR-2016-000187 Progressive Interiors Limited
CR-2016-000188 Roll Call Limited
CR-2016-000191 Mastertech Garage Services Limited
CR-2016-000194 Missing Asset Services Worldwide Limited
CR-2016-000196 Lambourn Contracts Limited
CR-2016-000198 VTY Store Limited
CR-2016-000199 Bombay Joe Limited
CR-2016-000200 Holding and Managment (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000202 Partnership Sales Solutions Limited
CR-2016-000203 The Shield Guarding Company Limited
CR-2016-000204 Richfats Consulting Limited
CR-2016-000206 JIH Equity Limited
CR-2016-000208 Vivatron Consultants Limited
CR-2016-000209 Ginger Pig Pubs Limited
CR-2016-000210 Jack The Clipper Limited
CR-2016-000211 Milestone Software Solutions UK Ltd
CR-2016-000212 MCL Capital Limited
CR-2016-000213 Landy Test Limited
CR-2016-000214 Ingenious Communications Ltd
CR-2016-000217 Hinchcliffe Foote Llp
CR-2016-000218 Ark Flood Defence Limited
CR-2016-000219 Phonix Limited
CR-2016-000220 Yummi Media Group Limited
CR-2016-000223 Vining Sparks UK Limited
CR-2016-000225 Spencer Commercial Property Limited
CR-2016-000226 Stateside Candy Company Limited
CR-2016-000230 Parker Hall Properties Ltd
CR-2016-000231 Tradico Limited
CR-2016-000232 Unity Community & Care Services Limited
CR-2016-000233 Ikonic Solutions Limited
CR-2016-000234 Ribble Valley Roadstone Ltd
CR-2016-000235 Lapa Cannine & Security Limited
CR-2016-000236 Millbank Land Limited
CR-2016-000237 Earny Limited
CR-2016-000239 EJW (UK) Limited
CR-2016-000240 Pas Industrial Services Limited
CR-2016-000241 Ruacanamech Ltd
CR-2016-000242 UK Gearboxes Ltd
CR-2016-000244 SGL International Limited
CR-2016-000247 Ambassador Hotel (Llandudno) Limited
CR-2016-000251 GSS Facilities Management Limited

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